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Personality test developed by Rolf Kenmo, Humankonsult AB, Sweden



General information

Since I got to know the personality theory by Leopold Szondi I have used it in my work as a management consultant. It is very useful. The main reason, I think, is that it is built on eight common human traits and thus gives a more precise description than tests based on only four or five common traits.

8 BOXES Personality theory

  1. RELATION (service)



Thoughtful, friendly, serviceminded, diplomatic, adaptable, considerate, sensitive

2. POWER (energy)

Energetic, active, impatient, powerful, quick, straightforward, competitive

3. QUALITY (responsibility)

Conscientious, quality-minded, careful, unselfish, dutiful, reliable, persistent

4. EXPOSURE (audience)

Spontaneous, flamboyant (showy), neat, strives after effect, (audience) conscious of status, wants attention

5. STRUCTURE (objectivity)

Orderly, objective, methodical, correct, realistic, logical, foreseeing

6. FANTASY (creativity)

Ingenious, keen on novelties, independent, flexible,

inquisitive, artistic

7. STABILITY (material)

Economical, practical, down-to-earth, traditional, conservative

8. CONTACTS (company)

Easy-going, extrovert, natural, generous, open-hearted, cheerful,




Describe your personality. Make a ring around the four digits which is most in accordance with your personality. Make a cross over the two digits, which is less in accordance with your personality. Follow the instruction exactly, even if it is difficult to make a choice.

Example: (one of the nine question blocks)

1. I like to be in control

4. I keep good order

7. I do business

2. I am adventurous

5. I like new methods

8. I enjoy talking

3. I care about others

6. I like surprises


In every group four digits ought to have a ring around them and two have to be stroked out.


I started in 1986 to develop a test based on Szondi's theory for recruitment of travel guides for a Swedish firm which organised bus-journeys to the Alps. The test was very useful and had a good overall function. Based on our experiences we made some smaller changes to the test in 1988. Since then the test has been used thousands of times. The main users (around 15) are consultants or work in the personnel department of different companies.

Around 1989 I saw a new the possibility of using the test to describe a persons ideal- partner. I used the ordinary questionnaire but changed the instruction. This specific questionnaire is very useful to make a prognosis how two persons may cooperate in the future.

In the last few years I have developed a special questionnaire for analysing and describing the personality demands needed to be successful in specific work situations. This is also based on Szondi's theory. In that way you can match job and candidates.

At the same time I have developed a similar way of describing the culture in an organisation. This is useful, when you want information about the best strategy for an organisation to succeed in major changes.

Below you find a short description of each questionnaire.


Personality Analyse

A simple and quick personality test. Used since 1986. Based on Szondi's typology. This questionnaire can be handled in a computer version for Macintosh. Swedish and English version.


Personchemistry Analyse

A simple and quick test of the ideal partner. Used since 1988. Based on Szondi typology theory. The questionnaire can be scored in a computer version in a Swedish and English version.


Jobb Analyse

A simple and quick test of the type of personality demanded in a job. Used since 1997. Based on Szondi's typology. Only Swedish version.


Culture Analyse

A simple and quick test of the culture caracteristics of an organization. Used since 1997. Based on Szondi's typology. Only Swedish version.


Cards for Teamdiscussions

The items from the test are described on 72 cards. One item on each card. This test can be used in team training. However, it can also be used for individual testing. Swedish and English version.



The test tools can be used in many different situations. The questionnaires can also be used together with exercises.


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