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by lic. phil. Ines Grämiger
Edition : Stiftung Szondi-Institut Zürich, 2005
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The manual is the corrected version and follows the form of the article „Zur Auswertung des Szondi-Tests. Vom Teil zum Ganzen“, Szondiana I, 1999.

*The manual is a handbook for the everyday work of interpretation of the Szondi-Test for all persons who are interpretating the Szondi-Test (students or experienced professionals)

It starts with a subjective verbalisation of all 8 factors/ needs/ drives of the Szondi system. One could use this list like a questionnaire about one’s own personality. Maybe you could see there, which “type” you are and which are your preferred needs. This is a good approach to the Szondi drive system from the point of one’s own individual personality.

Than follows the most important test-reactions of every vector of the Szondi-test (sexuality, paroxysmality/superego, ego, contact/moods).

There are no explications of the Syndroms or reactions because this manual is like a checklist for all contents that the students learned by other compendiums or teachings.

The third part is a help for the interpretation of the whole SzondiTest, starting with the structure analysis, followed by the most important syndromes in all factors, followed by the most important centers (P and Sch ), followed by a chapter about differential diagnosis ( between neuroses, psychoses, psychopathy)

Than comes the specific syndromes of the Szondi Test : all reactions that are found for homosexuality, bisexuality, perversion, building of the character, for epilepsy, hysteria, obsession, paranoia, depression, and mania.

Next part are the phases of human developement on the level of drives and the ego.

At the end is posed a helping structure for written interpretations with a total checklist for all points of personality in order that no aspect will get forgotten.

Last part are the norms of the Szondi Test for all formulas and quantitative methods.

This manual is an expanded form of the former article in the Szondiana, enhanced by many feedbacks of my students, my Szondi friends and my own use of this interpretation instrument.

In French : this manual is translated in French by Esther and Claude Genton ( to be ordered also through I.Grämiger )
In English: the former article in Szondiana (but not the later manual) is translated by Arthur C. Johnston, PhD. ( until now still not corrected by I.Grämiger ) This article in English can be ordered also through I.Grämiger.Normal price : CHF 30.-- / EUR 20.-- ( without sending costs) (This translated form is not subzidized by the Szondi-Institut) From this price some part goes with many thanks to Arthur C. Johnston for his big translation work.

Ce manuel est une forme augmentée d'un article publié plus tôt dans le Szondiana, augmentée par la rétroaction de mes étudiants, mes amis de Szondi- et ma propre utilisation de cette interprétation - instrument.
Traductions en français : ce manuel est traduit en français par Esther et Claude Genton qui peuvent être commandés par I. Grämiger.
En anglais : l'ancien article dans Szondiana (mais pas le manuel postérieur) est traduit par Arthur Johnston cependant pas encore corrigé par I. Grämiger). Cet article en anglais et peut également être commandé également par I. Grämiger. Le prix normal de cette traduction en anglais est : CHF 30.-- /EUR 20.-- (sans envoyer des coûts) .As cette forme traduite n'est pas subventionné par le Szondi-Institut; une partie de ce prix est transférée à Dr. Arthur Johnston, que nous tous remercions de son excellent travail de traduction.

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